Friends Meeting House Cork

The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) meeting house is located on Summerhill South and is set back from the road on a grassy slope and is surrounded by a high wall.

The building was designed by WH Hill and was purpose built in 1938 following a move from the old meeting house in Grattan Street which dates back to 1677. It is a simple unadorned meeting room and a place of worship. There is also a library of Quaker and other related works.

The burial ground lies to the rear of the building where neat plain grave stones mark the final resting place of members of the congregation. This burial ground is an interesting reminder of the religious diversity which was associated with Cork city during the nineteenth century. The simple, though well-executed headstones are representative of the form and design of Quaker grave markers and were clearly executed by skilled craftsmen.  The burial ground also offers an unexpected, refreshing green space near Cork city centre.

This simple and unassuming building and graveyard is a physical reminder of the presence of Quakers in present day Cork and acts as a link to the past and the significant contribution made by the Religious Society of Friends to the development of Cork City.

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