From the central belief that there is "that of God in everyone" directly flow a number of Quaker values, or "testimonies". 


Quakers recognise the equal worth and unique nature of every person. This also leads to valuing community and concern for the rights of those suffering from injustice.


Quakers are concerned about the excesses and unfairness of our consumer society, and the unsustainable use of natural resources. We try to live simply and to give space for the things that really matter: the people around us, the natural world, our experience of God.

Truth and Integrity

Quakers try to live according to the deepest truth we know, which we believe comes from God. This means speaking the truth to all, including people in positions of power. Integrity is the guiding principle we set for ourselves and expect in public life.  


The Peace Testimony derives from our conviction that love is at the heart of existence and all human beings are equal in the eyes of God, and that we must live in a way that reflects this.

These are the main values we strive to embody in our lives, to the extent that we can. Different people will find that the various testimonies resonate with them to differing extents, but most Quakers would agree about the worth and importance of these qualities in a general sense. For example, only some Quakers are strictly pacifist, but nearly all would agree with the idea that war is not an acceptable means to settle disputes.

The Quaker Testimonies have inspired Friends to work to abolish slavery,  to promote the rights of women and children, to work with prisoners and asylum seekers, to refuse military service and to become involved in a wide range of peace activities. 

Our interpretation of how we live in harmony with our Testimonies has evolved over the years. For example, some Quaker groups have adopted a new Testimony to Caring for the Earth and Environment; others see this as directly flowing from the well established "traditional" Quaker Testimonies listed above. In any case, the Quaker testimonies are not a set of words, but an expression of our spirituality in action.

Since their foundation in the 17th century, Quakers have been encouraged to walk cheerfully over the world, answering to that of God in everyone.

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