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Meetings held each month in Skibbereen and Bantry. For times and directions click here.

What is a Quaker Meeting?

Quaker meetings last for an hour in silent worship or occasional spontaneous ministry. We believe in Equality, Simplicity, Truth, Integrity and Peace.  There are no ministers, sacraments or creeds and we do not believe in proactive recruitment or evangelising. Attenders are very welcome and, while we are very happy to answer questions, you will not be approached or pressured in any way to join the Society. We respect the beliefs of others even if we do not share them all, preferring instead to seek out what we refer to traditionally as 'that of God in everyone'.

Meetings have been compared with and are seen by many as a form of meditation or mindfulness.

Meetings for Worship are a space for silent, shared spiritual contemplation which we find very powerful and this worship is an important aspect of our commitment to bear witness to our belief and faith.  Within this general framework, there is scope for many shades of belief from borderline humanism at one end of the spectrum to a belief rooted in traditional biblical, Christ-centred teachings.  Among members of the Religious Society of Friends there is constant process of collaboration and discussion about how best to define our core principles as inclusively as possible.

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